Writing Companies for Coupons

Have you ever wrote/called/emailed a company to complain or compliment their product? Have you ever gotten any coupons/freebies from it?  I have not really tried this method of obtaining coupons, but it would probably be really benefical in getting my grocery budget down!

You have to check out this guys website: The $39 Project. I am dying of laughter at some of his letters to companies. Plus, it could help you figure out who to write and who to not bother.

Let me know what you think!

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  1. I got a tip to write to companies from CouponingtoDisney.com. I was surprised to find out that she never asked for coupons – she told them that she appreciated their product, whatever it was. Sometimes she’d tell a funny story of how she used that item or how helpful it was; if she was disappointed with a product, she’d always write the manufacturer. Soooo I did the same and I have been getting terrific results. Some companies just emailed me back saying they appreciated my comments but many sent me coupons for free items or coupons off. And some of the emails/letters I got back were so complimentary; I’ve had fun doing this.

  2. I emailed the Bar-S company and just told them we love their corndogs and a week later got a 5 dollar voucher and 4 coupons for .25 cents off their product.

    I also emailed Johnsonville Brats company and asked if they could send me coupons in the reg mail because my local grocery store wont accept printed coupons. I got 2 coupons for 1 dollar each.

    I dont plan to make a habit of it but it was sure nice when I did get them.

  3. OMG–his letters are hilarious!! Thanks for sharing!

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