Win it Wednesday: Aldi’s Get Some Good Deals Contest!

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  1. I do shop @ Aldi’s and have never asked them, why don’t they take coupons!
    So I would like to know that. Thanks!

  2. I have always wondered that as well, why don’t they accept coupons? That is one of the reasons I don’t shop there that often.

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  4. I’m a FB fan & I’ve signed up for emails. Do they have “local” produce? They prices are always so good on produce – I always wondered if they have local suppliers.

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  6. I’ve also never shopped at Aldi’s. Is it kind of like Amelia’s, where they don’t take coupons or credit/debit cards and you have to pay in cash?
    Is it true that you have to put coins into a machine to be able to use a shopping cart?

  7. I shop at Aldi’s regularly and wonder if they will accept manufacturer’s coupons sometime in the future :) Our Aldi’s does accept bank debit cards. *Thanks* for the giveaway!

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  13. I’ve never shopped at Aldi before. I heard they do not carry name brands is that true? If so what is the quality like on the brands they do carry? Thanks!

  14. There’s not an Aldi within driving distance to me now…about 90 miles away is the closest one…so not trying for the gift card. I USED to shop Aldi alot when I lived in Chicago. I figured I could answer some of the questions and provide some feedback for those who have not shopped it before. It has a few named brands but mostly off brands, I found the quality good, never had issues with anything. Yes, at all Aldi stores I have been to, you needed to put a quarter into the shopping cart and it is returned when you return the cart. Debit cards were accepted at all the stores I went to. Enjoy your Aldi trip!

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    I shop Aldi’s sometimes yet each and every time wonder if they take coupons.

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  20. Barbara M says:

    I’d like to know if they will ever have a flyer with their specials.
    We have an Aldi’s in my town and I haven’t seen one yet.
    I love their store!
    Thank you for the giveaway.

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  24. I had shopped Aldi’s when I lived in another state. They just recently opened up Aldi’s in my area with more planned for the next year.

    I am curious about if the fruits and veggies will be locally produced. And the meat?

    I know they carry a lot of store brands. How do they compare to the national brands? There are some things I would like to find a cheaper alternative to buy.

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  27. I just found an Aldi’s near me. Does their merchandise switch all the time, (what I mean is, one week you might find mac & cheese and the next week no mac & cheese but hamburger helper instead)?

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  30. Not to sound redundant but i am also really curious about accepting coupons. Can you imagine the savings?!

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  35. Kristi Quilliams says:

    I Have never shopped from Aldi’s, but would love to get the chance. I’ll make sure to follow your blog threw the feeds or email! Bring it on sister! 😉

  36. I love shopping at Aldi’s! They have stock items that are always there, so don’t worry about that. Concerning coupons, since they have mostly their own generic brands, I don’t see how you could use coupons. However, I have a good friend who used to manage for them, and he said that their food was from the same manufacturers as you find on the big labels. It’s a wonderful store. I particularly like their spaghetti sauce.

  37. Since the merchandise changes, how do they get their merchandise? Is it overstock, do they buy certain things at certain times, etc?

    I love Aldi’s produce! I have never tried their meats though. What is the quality of the meat?

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