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April is both National Car Care and National Informed Women Month and a perfect opportunity to get empowered to care for your car! Did you know that in the United States the average age of cars and light trucks on the roads today has reached a record high of 9.4 years? That means it’s more important than ever to take proper care of your vehicle.

With the informative Web site (created by the maker of industry-leading brands Pennzoil and Quaker State) you can easily locate key information about how quality motor oils can help prolong your engine’s life and improve overall efficiency, as well as help answer other questions you may have about motor oil. In addition, the site offers a fun, educational game for you to play called “M.O.M. Knows Best” where you can put your motor mind to the test with an interactive quiz.

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  1. Didn’t realize synthetic oil actually out performs regular oil. Now I know why it cost alittle more.

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  4. I did not know what oil really “did” before! Know I now it ludes everything in the engine up!

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  8. Additive packages play a key role in helping to keep an engine clean and protected from varnish and sludge, as well as provide wear protection and protection from heat and acids.

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  10. Interesting fact:
    What is considered severe driving?
    Severe use typically includes stop-and-go driving, frequent high-speed driving and short trips.

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  12. I liked the “Matter of Fact” section on the website, it answered some really good basic questions. I learned that the “W” in motor oil names stands for “winter”. -Liz, chlives at hotmail dot com

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  15. I liked that it explained it more and described what things meant…I had no clue prior. I just knew what I was supposed to ask for and that was it.

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  19. I found this most interesting:

    “Properly functioning motor oils may also help enhance fuel economy, prevent sludge and varnish deposits and maintain the ability to flow in low temperatures.”

  20. *
    What information does the API Service Symbol “Donut” provide?*

    * The Donut provides you information about the oil:
    o Performance Level: Oils designed for gasoline-engine service fall under API’s “S” (Service) categories. Oils designed for diesel-engine service fall under API’s “C” (Commercial) categories.
    o Viscosity Grade: The measure of an oil’s thickness and ability to flow at certain temperatures. Vehicle requirements may vary. Follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations on SAE oil viscosity grade.
    o Energy Conserving: The “Energy Conserving” designation applies to oils intended for gasoline-engine cars, vans, and light trucks. Use of “Energy Conserving” oils may result in an overall savings of fuel.

  21. I really enjoyed the quiz and learned a lot. I was actually impressed with how well I did. I was also surprised to read that a ton of different factors go into what kind of oil to use, most of all the type and make of the car.


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  23. I did learn alot about oil and how it works, and I need an oil change.

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  26. I was wondering when the winner will be chosen for this giveaway? Thanks!

  27. Tomorrow! I will post a reminder to enter tonight! Thanks Malisa! :)

  28. teri hyler says:

    I had no idea that SM stood for the latest API specifications!!! Sadly, I do not pay attention to that kind of stuff.

  29. Crystal says:

    I liked the “Matter of Fact” section. It was short, simple, and to the point, and I learned a few things.

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  35. Interesting fact:

    Can you switch between conventional oil and synthetic oil?

    Switching between synthetic and conventional oil will not cause any harm to engines as long as both individual oils meet the engine manufacturer’s requirements as listed in the owner’s manual.

    Learn something new everyday. :)

  36. Angelina says:

    I’m a fb fan! & ty for the VS card it was $10

  37. Now a FB fan…………thanks! I love this site and visit every day!


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