Who Says Using Coupons Doesn’t Pay???

Is Using Coupons Really Worth it????

I just want to take a minute, and give a little insight into why using coupons IS definitely worth it! {Sorry, today I have been giving you all my “insight” to alot of things, hope you don’t mind} I know some people, don’t see how a .50¢ coupon could be worth the hassle…

Well, today I went shopping {alot- 3 different stores} but a total of maybe 2-3 hours, and would have spent over $400.00 but only spent $65.00! That is a savings of $335.00 or if I was getting paid hourly over $100.00 an hour!

So let me just break down my savings a little bit:

I was able to score the FREE My Little Ponies today at Toys R Us, and also got my sons some Geo Trax- which was a quarter of my days spending!! {so I spent $25.00, saved $85.00}

Went to Target and got over $150.00 worth of items for $2.35 out of pocket!! Which I will be using in Friday’s  Free It Forward Friday Video {so stay tuned for that!} Used a gift card I got doing a promo last time I was at Target.

Went to grocery store, which got a tip: Don’t do at 7 pm with children! They tend to get cranky in public! But got all the groceries above, which include: $10.00 in Meats, $10 in produce, and $20 in items I had NO coupons for, plus a ton more, before coupons would have been $130.00, paid $39.00 and got back a $2.00 Catalina to use next time!

So, do you think coupons are worth it? I sure do! {to see the picture larger just click on it}

$ Janel

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  1. Awesome trip! This is my first time visiting your blog. I love when people post pix of their trips! Off to check out more :)

  2. ummm I see no cereal in your picture but I still think you did a great job anyway hahaha! Hopefully I can start getting in on some of these grocery deals myself!

  3. I’m having such a hard time with this. I still find it cheaper most of the time to buy the store brands instead of the name brands, even with coupons. I have 8 month old twins and 3 and 7 year old boys. I’m starting to drown in all this!!!

  4. I know. I love seeing how much I saved. Austen says I keep my receipts as trophies! This week at Giant I took $96 down to $42!!

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