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Victoria Secret Rewards Cards: Now Valid!

Have you been counting down the days? Oh, just me, well that is why I am here to remind you that today is the day all those rewards cards we have been getting are valid! Whooohooo, please share what you scored! I am so excited to check mine, I got  two different free VS Panties cards in the mail this pass week I will have to go redeem!

* Janel

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  1. Mine are only worth $10 each, but I have 4, so that is $40 free dollars! Yay!

  2. alyssa homan says

    I had one for $10 and one for $100. Im so excited!! I never win anything:)

  3. I have one and cant wait to see what its worth even if its only ten, i would be getting like 5 extra dollars over what i spent 🙂

  4. How much were yours worth Janel? I had 6 and all were worth 10 🙁 I could do SO much damage with 500!

  5. all of my were worth $10, I was disappointed but its better than nothing, so I am excited to get some gift stuff, and pink spray and yoga pants for myself. I love the clean and fresh scent from pink…

  6. How do I find out how much mine is worth? I have one….

  7. 2 cards 10 a piece…the yoga pants are great! I highly recommend!

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