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Tuesday’s Tips: DIY Nails Tips & Tricks!

Everyone loves a good deal, well how about some good tips! Ones that will help you save some time, save some money, or just make your life easier! I teamed up with some good friends of mine to start a NEW blog series….Tip Tuesday.

Along with Jessica’s CouponsKroger KrazyRose Knows Coupons, every Tuesday we will be offering our readers one time saving or money saving tip! Hopefully something that will make life a bit easier that everyone can use!

This Tuesday’s Tip is brought to you by Jessica from Jessica’s Coupons


December has been Beauty Tips Month…and I thought I would offer some Frugal and Easy Nail Tips!


Whiten Your Nails

Here is a quick tip o whiten your nails…I tried it and I did notice a slight different

-Lightly buff the top of your nails
-Add 1/2 cup of really warm water in a bowl
-Add 4 tablespoons of baking soda and stir until mostly dissolved
-Add 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide
-Soak nails in the solution for about a minute (or longer)

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Use Cooking Spray to Set Your Manicure

I have been doing this for about a month…it sets your manicure and cuts down on the drying time. I let my nails air dry for about 30 seconds and then I spray them with a light coat of Cooking Spray. I let them set for about a minute and the rinse under cold water.

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No Mess-up Polishing

If you have an unsteady hand, be sure to apply Aquaphor or Vaseline around the nail to prevent errant nail polish strokes. If you get the polish on your skin, just take a cotton swab and it easily wipes away.

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nailbox colorcode

DIY Nail Box & Easy Polish Color Coding Tip

You don’t need a fancy smancy box to store your nail care items…simply select a lovely shoe box (or other type of box similar in size). If you don’t already have a pretty box you can cover any box with a pretty wrapping paper.

Place all nail care items in the box and you will have it all in one convenient place when you need it.

Also you can color code the bottle tops of your nail polish so you can select your color at a glance. Just take white labels, dab a swatch of nail color, allow to dry and then use a one hole punch. Place dot on the polish lid. Easy color coding!

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Do you have a tip you want to share with me? If so, you can contact me via email here! Your tip could be chosen and featured on Tuesday’s Tips!


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