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Tuesday’s Tip: Olive Oil & Fresh Herb Saute Cubes


Everyone loves a good deal, well how about some good tips! Ones that will help you save some time, save some money, or just make your life easier! I teamed up with some good friends of mine to start a NEW blog series….Tip Tuesday.

Along with Jessica’s CouponsKroger KrazyRose Knows Coupons, every Tuesday we will be offering our readers one time saving or money saving tip! Hopefully something that will make life a bit easier that everyone can use!

This Tuesday’s Tip is brought to you by Jessica’s Coupons ! Here’s her tip:


These are great for using up the rest of your Summer herbs or if you can’t keep an herb plant alive….

Make Ahead Olive Oil & Fresh Herbs Saute’ Cubes

I love these- they are such a time saver/money saver in the kitchen and a hit with everyone in the family!

What you will need:

Fresh Herbs (of choice)

Olive Oil

Ice Cube Tray

Step One:

Fill each section of the ice cube tray about 50-75% full with your fresh herbs of choice.  You can do a single herb, or mix if you like.

Step Two:

Next top each section with olive oil (repeat). (I actually prefer to fill it about 50%)

Step Three:

Freeze (the cubes should set in 1-2 hours)

Once they have set, I pop them out of the ice cube tray and into a freezer bag. Then I just grab cubes as needed.

You can add these to your favorite recipes. I add mine to angel hair pasta. It smells great and taste wonderful. Very light. A great alternative to Red Sauce. Plus super frugal too! You could also saute shrimp or chicken…so many ideas!


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