Tonka Bounce Back Racer $17.50! 50% off!

WoW! I had the hardest time finding this remote control car for my son when I wanted to get it for him for Christmas last year–and now you can grab it on Amazon for half price!

Go here to get the Tonka Bounce Back racer in red and blue for just $17.50! Ships free with Amazon Prime or a $25 order!

And my kids still play with theirs and its still in great condition! Will recommend to anyone!

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  1. Do you know if you can play with two of them in the same area or do they all work on the same frequency/channel? We ran into this problem one year when we bought small RC monster trucks for my husband’s 2nd cousins. They opened them up and started to play with them but then discovered that both RC remotes worked on the other’s car. Therefore, they couldn’t play with both of them at the same time in the same area. Sometimes on RC cars there is a switch A-B or 1-2 so they interfere with other cars or that is skipped altogether as they just operate on slightly different frequencies.
    Thank you! Awesome find!!

  2. Ah, I found the answer:

    “The redesigned Tonka Bounce Back Racer features an exciting new color scheme and two radio frequencies so that siblings or parents and their children can race around the house together.”

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