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Toilet Paper Roll Marble Race Track

toilet paper roll marble race track As part of the 104 Days of Summer Fun, today’s activity is a Toilet Paper Roll Marble Race Track!

With just a few items you can make a fun race track for marbles that your kids will love to help “build” and race on!

Supplies needed:

4-5 toilet paper rolls
2-3 paper plates

marble race track


  1. Cut out the center of the paper plates, leaving the rim of each plate
  2. Keep one toilet paper roll uncut. Cut one toilet paper roll 1/2 inch shorter , cut another toilet paper roll one inch shorter, cut one 1 and 1/2 inches shorter
  3. Start setting up the track on a flat surface
  4. Set up your track by taping the paper plates onto the toilet paper rolls using any tape you have on hand. See photo above for reference.

My friend constructed this race track with her daughter and for 2 days her daughter enjoyed racing marbles on it! After it was taken down she even asked if they could make it again. So passes the kid test!

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