3 New Bath Samples! Soap, Hand Sanitizer, and Bath Fizzies!

Go HERE to request a free sample of Fizzie Whizzie Bath Tablets. You put these in your child’s bath and they will effervesce and turn the bath water different colors!

Go HERE to request a free sample of Smart White Hand Sanitizer. It’s nice to have little bottles of these around to keep in your car or in your purse!

Go HERE to request a free sample of this handmade bar soap from Flic Spa. It says this soap is made with emu oil!

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  1. when I clicked on the smart white saniter it said your submission was sucessful but I never entered any info.

  2. Try this link instead…..

  3. The hand sanitizer link must have been taken down… I keep getting a 404 not found error and I even tried going through a search engine to find it…

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