SwagCode Hunt going on!

Go to the facebook page to find the link to the blog to search for a Code to get you some Swagbucks! I can’t tell you what it is {I haven’t even found it yet, anyways} But let us know if you find it! Don’t say it though! Its against the rules!

Here is a Clue: it’s in the 7th text option of one of the drop down menus.

In one of these dropdown menus, a Swag Code exists. Type it in the case you find it and remove the space (hint, hint!). It’s good on Swagbucks from now until tonight at midnight (12AM PST)It’s worth 20 Swag Bucks!

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  1. I found the 2nd letter. GO to the Swagstore, and click on St. Patricks Day, then click on the Lei.

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