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Swagbucks Birthday: Extra Swagbucks Today! Are You Swaggin'?

sbbday Swagbucks Birthday Surprise So it is Swagbucks 2nd Birthday Today!!  They are starting the celebration at 1 PM EST Are you Swaggin? Not yet, well today is your lucky day! You are going to want to sign up in time for the party!

And just for Good Deal Mama readers, to celebrate, Swagbucks is offering my readers an extra 60 swagbucks for joining with code: GOODDEALMAMA to join I need you to look on the right hand side of my page and click on the swagbucks box, once there sign up and enter the code: GOODDEALMAMA and  instantly get 60 swagbucks! Plus I will update you all day with any swagbucks that come out!

How sweet is that?! Wondering what Swagbucks is? It is a search engine just like yahoo or google, you just search like you would on those sites, except on Swagbucks, they reward you for your searches and give you Swagbucks! Which you can in turn redeem for awesome prizes, like gift cards, iphones, wii’s, ipods, and so much more! So get stuff for doing what you already are!

I love getting the Amazon $5 Gift Cards, because its only 450 Swagbucks, which takes no time to get, and Amazon always has awesome deals to use the gift cards on!

So if you would like to sign up, please click on the Swagbucks box on the right, and use Code: GOODDEALMAMA Let me know how many Swagbucks you score today, and if you are just signing up to start Swaggin’! Any questions just ask!

{if you are wondering, because you already are Swaggin’ all swagbucks are being multiplied by 10 from now on}

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate link which continue to keep this site free. See my disclosure policy here

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  1. Yeah – I joined this for you! I’ve been wanting to anyway, and since you had such a great offer ~~ and since I love your website so much! ~~ I decided to join for you!! Everyone note, that the code GOODDEALMAMA has to be in all caps, no spaces.

  2. WOO HOO – just got 30 points for searching “Birthday songs” and 20 points for searching “celebrate”

  3. WhoooHOoo! Sweet!

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