Spring Cleaning is Here!

Ahhh, its spring. And that means I get to throw open the windows and really get my house clean. Well, I have decided that not only am I going to spring clean, I am also going to organize so that cleaning is easier. I am searching for ways to make my life easier, if an item can get the job done faster or better I am all for it- I say I am efficient not lazy!

You may be wondering how cleaning relates to a good deal. Well it does when you can’t use your good deals, because you may have too much clutter to see/use them! You will waste money if items you scored expire before you get to them because you are not properly organized!

A few things I will go over through out the week:

  • Money Savings Moms- Clean out Your Clutter Challenge!
  • Items to help your organize/streamline/help your life and where/how to score good deals on them {of course!}
  • Clean out those Coupons! My post for Free it Forward Friday will be all about that, and how to send them to military families who can use them!
  • Once you have clean/organized- what to do with your stuff…

I literally have started this journey this week, and hope you will join me!  Any questions, comments, or suggestions on what you would like to see this week?

* Janel

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  1. I would love to be able to find the time to spring clean. I have new baby twins and a three year old and seven year old. My time is completely consumed with their needs and the very basics of every day life. How do I manage all this??? twinsplus2@gmail.com

  2. Oh, you just do what you need to right now! Seriously I can’t image life for you right now! Take care of those babies! If there are some dishes that are dirty and someone comes over, if they don’t offer to do them for you, then I wouldn’t worry about what they think! Take your time with your children, it will get better once the babies get older, until then relax and enjoy your time with them!

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