Spring Cleaning: Day 3 How you doin’?

So how are you doing today? Honestly I have had a busy day of shopping, playdates, and bike “accidents” with my 4 year old. Accusations were throw around that his friend threw the toy down on purpose so he would fall, and let’s just say I have had a lot to deal with! I haven’t got to continue my decluttering crusade as much as I would like, but got a little bit done.

My challenge to you tomorrow is places you might over look, but are huge clutter hot spots: on top of the fridge, inside drawers, and underbeds! I keep all out of season/size kids clothes under my bed in vacuum bags and really need to finish going through them and switching out their clothes. I cleaned off the top of my fridge, and it looks a lot nicer. And when I went for my ice bag {for the incident}, I realized just how bad my “junk drawer” really is! So I am taking my own advice and throwing everything into a box, and if I need an item, I will put in back into the drawer. In a month if its still in there, its going!

It’s calmed down a little bit, so I can tell you about what to do with your things once you declutter! Please Click READ MORE to see the options you have!

1. Donate it to a local Donation Center or Thrift Store. I choose the Salvation Army for two reasons. One, LCCM doesn’t really take “used” toys, they have less of a need for it. And Two, I wanted to see if are local Salvation Army was participating in $10 Gift Card Deal. They are so for my two bags of toys I got $10 to spend at Izod, Bass or Van Heusen and my son got a valuable lesson about how good it feels to donate toys you don’t need to others who can use them! See him so proud to be able to give to others!

2. Trash It: if its really ruined, broken, or actual trash, do just that throw it away! I promise it will feel good to get rid of it!

3. You can sell it! If the item is in good condition, and most importantly you feel like its worth the time/effort you can re-sell the item, and get back some of the money you put out for it! And there are a few ways. I would suggest Craigslist, Ebay, Second Hand Store or a Yard Sale. I will go into a little more on each.

Craigslist: In my opinion, better than ebay, because you don’t have to mail the item & there are no selling or listing Fees! I have pretty good luck with selling on Craigslist. But since I live in an area with no actual “city listing” I don’t have as much luck with items like clothing, but better with bigger ticketed items. For example, I sold two days ago a toy storage organizer which was no longer being used in my sons room for $15.00 to Erin {hi!} I listed it on Monday and by Tuesday I had 3 emails about it. I think the trick is to ask a good price. If its something you are firm on a higher price, Ebay might be a better option for you.

Ebay: Does have selling fees and listing fees, but you can sell 5 items now with no listing fees. And you can usually get more on Ebay then you would at any of the other choices, so it should be worth the final cost fee that you will occur.  I have had pretty good luck on here as well. Bought a Coach laptop case recently for $15.00 at the outlets it was on clearance and I used  my coupon of course! Got it home and it was a little too small for my laptop, so I knew Ebay would be my best bet. I sold it for $60, so well worth my time and fees to use!

Second Hand Stores: We all have them locally, and each have their own pros and cons. I will say my FIRST go to place to sell my  sons clothes is Once Upon A Child, they are a local owned franchise all over the country, and they pay you ON THE SPOT for your items! Unlike most second Hand Stores, which only pay you once your item sells. So the process for Once Upon A Child is, take your bin {no bags} of clothes that are gently used, fill out a short form, and in about an hour or two come back to pick up any items that they don’t want and your cash, check or store credit! You can go through want they are taking and how much they are offering you. I find the prices they give very reasonable and am happy whenever I have gone to them! Plus they have a bunch of awesome items for sale, so take a look around! After I go to them, I usually donate the rest, but have tried going to other second hand stores, but found I don’t have as much luck there. I don’t like having to wait for the item to sell, or if it doesn’t having to go pick them out or I lose them. I guess if I am going to donate them anyways, it wouldn’t hurt to try, but I would just rather donate it.

Yard Sales: This is a good time of year to do these! And I will have a whole guest post tomorrow on the great way to do one!

Please feel free to leave a comment on how you are doing! Or any questions you may have!

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  1. My 5 yr old daughter & I just cleaned & decluttered her room on Tuesday….1 tote went to the local re-sale shop, 1 bag of trash, 1 bag of gently loved stuffed animals & 1 bag of 90% princess dress up stuff to be donated. It’s so great to teach them this stuff at such a young age. I have taught my daughter to bless others with the things that she no longer plays with. She will say, I think I am going to give this away so a little girl who doesn’t have many toys will have something new to play with. Does a mother’s heart good!

  2. I think its very important thing to do with children!

  3. Hey, I think your website might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your blog site in Firefox, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, awesome blog!

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