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Spring Clean: Update & Check In!

Continuing this week with Spring Cleaning…Today over at Clear Out the Clutter challenge it was clean out your closets. It was posted a little late for me to try to tackle that task, but I did on my spring cleaning/organizing. I want to talk about three rules for when you are cleaning out rooms/drawers/closets.

  1. Do you love it? -If you are going to keep an item in this category it should really mean something to you, and make you smile whenever you see it! If it gets in your way, but you love it re-purpose it!
  2. Do you use it? -This is the easiest category to recognize. If you use it daily, you can keep it. If you are unsure of usage, stick it somewhere {basement, attic, garage} for awhile. If you grab for it, you can keep it. In a couple weeks/months if its still there-get rid of it!
  3. Do you need it? -If an item is something you have to keep {clothes, documentation, items you use seasonally, etc} make sure you organize the items accordingly. Place items you use occasionally out of the way of daily life, so you can get to it when you need it, but its not wrecking your daily flow! Make sure clothes are also items you love! Sometimes I have items for my sons that I don’t love, but someone gave us- sorry but I gotta streamline! You can too!
These are the rules you should follow so that you don’t keep items that you don’t need/want/love. And seriously, being lazy, er efficient means that when your area is clean and organized the less time you have to spend cleaning and looking for items later. So I say, cut your loses and streamline your space. But what to do with the items you are going to get rid of? Check back tomorrow for the answer!   So here is my goal for tomorrow:
This is my boys room. It is in the middle of being accomplished, but they had to go to sleep sometime. 🙂
I need to get rid of the dvd/vcr combo {I believe my youngest ruined it}, switch out winter/spring stuff, decide what to do with the winter clothes, and reorganize the whole rest of the room.
Are you switching clothes right now? What room/rooms are you working on?

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  1. Good to see you at Money Saving Mom!
    I need to switch out the seasonal clothes, but I have nowhere to put the out of season stuff. They will have to stay in our closet and drawers. But I WILL sort out the worn out winter things before I move them to the bottom of the stacks and the back of the closet. We don’t have all that much clothing anyway, so it won’t take long.

  2. Great post! I am an organizing fiend! And BTW, my 3yo son squirted go-gurt into our DVD/VCR combo & all it took was cleaning the heads & drum! A lot cheaper than buying a new one!
    Side note: If you’ve ever wondered how many preservatives are in go-gurt, it was in the VCR for 9 MONTHS before I found it & it had no smell! Scary!

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