Snapily: 15.00 Off your First Order! 3-D Photos! with a coupon code for $15 off your first order! Snapily Pro is a 3-D Digital Printing service for creative professionals- you can make business cards, displays, cards, etc.

Here is what to do to get $15 of free 3-D photos:
1) Go to and choose what you want to create. I recommend picking the last option on the left where it says “Flip of 2 Images” because you don’t need any special software to do this.
2) Upload your photos and create your product. Choose the size of the item you’re creating- the bigger it is, the more expensive per item.
3) When you go to checkout, use coupon code SNAPOFa0f16 and click “apply” to deduct $15.
*Limit one coupon per customer, valid for one order only. You’ll have to pay shipping and handling. Offer is only valid to the first 3000 orders or through 5/31/10. If your order is less than $15, it will be free (pay s/h).

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