$10 for 10 Reviews!

Your Reviews must be submitted during the Promotion Period (which ends 3/31/10) on a product or service in’s database. It has to be a “complete” Review and comply with the User Agreement. You can read ALL of the the official rules HERE.
It does take a couple of days for will validate reviews, but as long as your rating is deemed “helpful”, you’ll get credit. You’ll be paid via paypal so you will need to have or set up a paypal account before you participate.
There is a scale and you can earn more than $10.
  • 10-19 reviews for $10
  • 20-29 reviews for $20
  • 30-39 reviews for $30
  • 40-49 reviews for $40
  • 50-59 reviews for $50
  • 60-69 reviews for $60
  • 70-79 reviews for $70
  • 80-89 reviews for $80
  • 90-99 reviews for $90
  • 100+ reviews for $100

Who else loves this reviews= money deals? If I only had time to sit and write a bunch of reviews, hmmm, I think during Project Runway I might have to do this :) {Thanks Jessica’s Coupons!}

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