Screen Free Week 2012 :: Make Magazine Butterflies!

Do you or your kids honor Screen-Free Week?

Screen-Free Week is an annual event in which parents, children, teachers, and others across the country turn off screen media (TV, video games, computers, cell phones, etc.) and celebrate the magic of being unplugged. S

Dates: April 30 – May 6, 2012

My sons school does this every year, and I always think “We are NOT going to make it!” especially when its rainy outside! So I thought I would post each day some Unplugged ideas we could all use to get some Screen-Free time!

Obviously, I work online, so I don’t participate in Screen-Free week, and even if you aren’t participating, once in awhile it would be nice to implement these unplugged, or screen-free ideas!

Make some Colorful Magazine Butterflies:

You will need:
  • Colorful magazine pages
  • Pipe cleaners
  1. For each butterfly, choose 2 colorful magazine pages. Cut out 2 squares, one 5 inches on a side, the other 4.
  2.  Starting at one corner, accordion-fold the squares on their diagonals; our folds were 1/4 inch each.
  3.  Pinch the center of each folded square. Bend a 12-inch pipe cleaner in half and create a small loop. Arrange the squares in a butterfly shape and center them inside the pipe cleaner.
  4. To secure the wings, twist the pipe cleaner above and below the wings and curl the ends for antennae.
Tomorrow I will bring even more Screen-Free ideas! And feel free to share yours in the comments!


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