Save $: DIY Gel Manicures At Home

diy Gel Manicures at Home

I really love getting my nails done at the salon but DO NOT like the cost every two weeks. I am pretty good at painting my nails and looked into how to do Gel Manicures at Home And found that it is really easy and pays for itself after just a few uses! Plus with gel nails my nails stay shiny and looking great for up to 3 weeks! You can get great nails at home too! Here’s how!

Items you will need: 

Thermal Spa 49135 Professional U/V Gel Light Nail Dryer cost: $52.62 plus FREE Shipping {Regularly $149.99} This light can hold both hands or feet and has a timer on it. It works with all gel nails systems

This is the gel kit I bought: Gelish Basix Kit $26.79 and has every item you need besides color for your nails, which you can choose from here, I choose a white for my french manicures

You will also need a file/nail buffer, paper towels, and cuticle pusher

Sets to Manicure:

  1. File and Buff your nails. Make sure there is nothing on them, remove any nail polish. Do not use cotton balls on your nails they will stick everywhere. Use paper towels to remove any residue
  2. Apply ph Bond to each nail, this will help the gel stick to your nail without needing them to be “roughed up”
  3. Apply a thin layer of Gelish Foundation to each nail. Place finished hand into UV light for 1 minute.
  4. After your nails come out of the light they will still feel sticky, just use a paper towel and the cleanser to wipe down each nail. The stickiness will be gone but you will still have the gel! Do this each time your nails come out of the light!
  5. Apply color of your choice, and place hand in UV light for 2 minutes
  6. Finish with Gelish Top it Off and place hand in UV light for another 2 minutes

That’s it! You have diy gel manicures at home! What do you think? Gonna try it?

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