Saturday Plans With Photos

So I am taking a little break to show you all some of my accomplishments today. As I said over on Facebook, my big plans today include cleaning, cooking and laundry.

I know I love to see “insider” photos of peoples lives so I thought maybe you all would too :) Oh and please excuse my photos they are NOT good ones, they were taken with my phone!

This is my tv entertainment center, I wish I would have taken a before photo. But believe me it was a mess! DVDs, books, games and remotes were all mingled together and it was a big eye sore!

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Now there is some organization to the madness. Books are with books, dvd’s are organized and the Wii area doesn’t look like a tangled mess :)

And it feels good sitting on the couch being able to look at a more pleasing scene!

This is something else I organized. My “snack” cabinet. And please know it is filled up because I recently went to a “bent and dent” store and stocked up on some pretty good deals, without needing coupons :) I got items for over 50% off and stocked up. My son is having surgery, like I mentioned before so I want to be prepared so I don’t have to run out anytime soon.

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Looking at the photo now it might not look very “neat” but I had so many empty containers, and items were just spilling out everywhere.


So that’s my day so far. Hope you enjoyed the small “sneak peak” into my day 😉

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