Saturday Mail Check in!

h Mail Check in! I got so many great freebies this week:

Undies from Warner, Citra Clear Dishwasher Cleaner {needed this so bad!}, Earthbound Tote, profound beauty Hush Hair Sample, Rita Monti 8.8 oz Ground Coffee and Expresso Sample, Beveri Flaxseed Sample {what do you do with this?}

What did you score this week?

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  1. Flaxseed can be added to breads/muffins etc. – they’re great source of fiber and omegas. You can also grind it up and mix with water as a fiber substitute. I must’ve missed that freebie and you reminded me that I sent in a request for the Warner panties.

    I really enjoy your site

    • Thanks Carol for the tips, I knew there had a good use for it! And thank you, it really means a lot to me!

  2. a good week for freebies! I got the free goat cheese coupon, free Easy mac coupon, two razors, protein samples, shampoo samples, undies, magazines, free Starbuck coupon for drink of my choice for upcoming b-day, a few coupons for 40% off for b-day, Dove deodorant sample, Breathe Right Sample. As always, I think I am forgetting something again.

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