Saturday Check in: What did you get in the mail this week?

So I am going to start a weekly feature of Saturday Check In: What’s in Your mail this week?  Things I received in the mail this week:

  • Numerous magazines I got free!
  • Full sized Pantene Pro-V with 3 $2/1 coupons
  • Coupon for FREE product from Helva Good!
  • Free cute little ring, I even forgot I signed up for!
  • Some Victoria Secret Packages ♥

This is why I love signing up for Free items, not only because its FREE, but because they usually come with high value coupons inside! Plus I forget I am getting them, so its like Christmas every time I go to my mailbox

What did you score this week in the mail?!?

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  1. With all the things I have signed up for, I received nothing this past week. Maybe next week!

  2. I got the same things as you this week, except I didn’t get the Helva Good coupon. But I did get a package with 3 books from Borders that was paid for mostly with credit from taking surveys!

  3. I got a free pen, Pampers samples, Tide sample, and order from Victoria’s Secret! YEAH!

  4. Blogicious says:

    Not much for me this week. I got sweet uni-ball pen.


  5. I got lots of mail this week! Free sample of Burt Bee’s toothpaste, travel size of olay body wash and Axe, Berres Brothers coffee, Pillsbury calender, and coupon booklets!I just love all the free stuff! Look forward to get mail now!

  6. I got a lot of the same things as others did…the uniball pen, Burt’s Bees toothpaste, the Olay bodywash, Helluva Good Dip Coupon, some tampons, Breathe Right strips, carefree pads, a coupon booklet and then some items I bidded on Ebay and won~paid for by the surveys I did. Thanks for leading us to the good deals!

  7. I love going to the mailbox everyday to see what goodies that I may have received. This week: Burt’s Bee toothpaste, Aquasense toothpaste, Olay bodywash, coupon booklets, orders from Target, Vera Bradley, and Victoria Secret. I also received 2 rebate checks from Johnson for buying Glade, $4.52MM.

  8. i got some dried plums and an aveno nourish shampoo/conditioner sample (which came with a $1.00 off coupon). i loved getting the mail today, free samples and no bills! haha

  9. Thanks for all you do–I love your blog and blogged about this mail check in. Can’t wait to do it every week!!

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