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Real Life: Clean House

So this is a post where I let you in on a little bit of my actual, non-online life :) And my many struggles I face with hopes that you can
enjoy it
be encouraged by it
or motivate me with your tips or suggestions! 

Today I am going to talk a bit about having a Clean House.

What that means to each person is different. I think each household will have a level of cleanliness that they can “live” with. My personal preference is to have the “basics” of cleaning ALWAYS done, extra cleaning done “when I can”  and strive to keep clutter “under control” 

Notice all those ” ” above, that is because those are the goals, it doesn’t mean it happens all the time like that.

I will say that I have come from struggling to get the “basics” done daily to now trying to get the clutter under control. The tricky thing about clutter to at least me is, I don’t always see it as clutter…to me its a useful pile of stuff I may need at some point

You have try hard sometimes to see the clutter for what it is, sometimes even going as far as getting rid of the items that allow clutter to collect!

For example, I had a nice little cart with shelves inside and a fabric cover on it so you could “hide” anything! I put baskets on the shelves and stored all kinds of goodies on that thing. It sat in my laundry room/mud room for months.

When I started to look at items that were “enabling” my habit I realized it was doing just that

I DID NOT want to get rid of that cart it was so “USEFUL” but really it was just storing my junk I didn’t want to find an actual placement for…

So I got rid of most of the junk on it and the cart its self

And still today, I will be going around and being a “Clutter Detective” and trying to de-clutter my house so it can look clean for longer than an hour or two :)

Hope you enjoyed my rambling for a minute or two, even though it wasn’t a deal post. I would love your encouragement or comments- it would really make my day that I am not alone in this :)

Anyone know a good “Cleaning Schedule” that works out? I may talk about that next rambling 😉

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  1. Love it, have honestly been feeling like a bad mom/wife for not being able to be there 100% to clean since i am the only one currently working, husband has been out of work for past 2 years and he does what he can but nothing compares to when you clean yourself (atleast i am that particular about it LOL) but i have slowly learned it okay thanks for your blog i love it

  2. Here’s the schedule I made up with what I hope to get done every week. Some weeks certain things get skipped.

    Monday: wash all bed sheets; dust/clean bedrooms; vacuum upstairs; remake beds
    Tuesday: dust/clean/vacuum living room; do 1 load of laundry
    Wednesday: clean kitchen/sweep and steam kitchen floor; clean basement; do 1 load laundry
    Thursday: dust den/sweep and clean wood floor
    Friday: clean master bathroom and kids’ bathroom; do 1 load of laundry
    Saturday: clean other 2 bathrooms (both are 1/2 bathrooms)

    I like knowing I don’t have to do a certain task if it’s not on the list today, I know it’ll get done later in the week.

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