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Managing Lists Made Easy
Out of Milk is the ultimate list application for your Android phone. Never forget your grocery list in the car! You can even keep track of what’s in your pantry and create your custom to-do list for the day. Whether you’re looking to go grocery shopping or you just need to keep an eye on your daily goals, this app has you covered.

Cross Items Out This app eliminates the need to bring paper and ink into the equation when checking off your shopping list. You can cross items off your list, or uncross them as well

Add From HistoryFind yourself typing in the same items over and over again? With Out of Milk’s comprehensive history, you can add items to your list based on items you’ve already input. 

Create as many to-do lists as you want and share them

The Pantry List allows you to always have a check of what spices you have in your pantry, from ajwain seeds to cinnamon and so much more.

Scan Barcodes-The Shopping List and Pantry List sections allow you to take a snapshot of a product’s barcode to add it to your list. Use your phone’s built-in camera and hold it steady to get a clear shot of the barcode and scan items immediately into your lists.

Speak Your Lists-Now you can add items to any of your lists with the power of your own voice. Out of Milk is smart enough to recognize almost any word you can pronounce, whether it’s a common item on your grocery list or an item you’ve never even purchased before.

Pro Features
Out of Milk also offers a Pro Unlocker which allows your phone to sync with the website among other things. Pro advantages include:

•Synchronize your lists online and share them in real-time with others

•Sign in to your account and manage your lists online at the Out of Milk website

•Place the widget on your home screen

•Backup your data with ease

•Manage your coupons while you make your lists

How cool is this app?! Do you have it and love it? I can’t wait to start using it, I think it will make quick trips to the store much easier!

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