Online Coupon Class from The Frugal Find!

I am so excited to be partnered with The Frugal Find to bring you guys an online coupon class! It is an awesome way for everyone to learn the basics of shopping and using coupons, and you get a whole year access to the class, right from the comfort of your home!

Want to get started with this online coupon class? Just head right over here to get started! It’s only $9.95!

What do I get for $9.95?

You get a 1 year access to The Frugal Find Online Coupon Class which will include ALL updates to both text and videos.  Should any store coupon policies or promotional programs change – you’ll be the first to know!  I will include both in store video examples and image/text examples.

In this class we will cover the following topics:

Where to get coupons…

From printable coupons to eCoupons, we will walk you through all the avenues you’ll want to explore in your hunt for coupons!

How to use coupons…

This section is designed to change your way of thinking about those little pieces of paper that you’ve clipped.  Here we’ll tell you when to use those coupons, how to use them, and when to hang on to them.

Follow me to the store!

We will cover several stores (with many more planned to launch in the near future!), we will take you shopping in a few of them, then we will sit down and go over the store’s promotional and coupon policies.  This is where you’ll learn how to shop those stores and get items FREE each week!

* Rite Aid courtesy of ME! Good Deal Mama
* Walgreens courtesy of Cam @ Frugal Day
* Target
* Safeway

Stock Piling…

This is the end goal of couponing – to get to the point where you’re shopping from your own stockpile and you NEVER have to pay full price again!  I’ll share with you some tips on how to build a stock pile, how to organize your stockpile, and give you a “Buy It Now” price guide.

Coupon Filing & Organizing…

Want to see my Coupon Binder?!  I’m excited to be able to share with you how I keep my coupons organized, both the ones I’ve clipped and the inserts that I need to hang onto.

How cool is that?! Let me know what you think of the whole course, and if you have any other questions! I am so excited for you all to be so good at getting those good deals!

{Thanks Julia!}

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