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Numbered Traffic Cones!

traffic cones games I seen a game with numbered traffic cones in Family Fun magazine this month and it made me think of numerous games my two sons and friends could play with them! {Seriously great magazine! Get it for just $1 per issue HERE!}

I ordered these: dozen of traffic cones for $13.50 HERE and these table numbers for $3.49 from Oriental Trading HERE OR You can use leftover Milk or Drink Containers with electrical tape around them!

Now once you get your numbered traffic cones here are some great activities that will have your kiddos exercising their minds and bodies!

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My kids above playing number games with my cones I bought! Nice for rainy days too!

For younger kids

  • Space out the cones and call out a color of one of the cones, the first kiddo to the correct colored cone wins
  • Call out a number and first kid to the correct number wins

For Older Kids

  • Call out two or more colors for the kids to follow the sequence of colored cones. Example: Green, Blue, Red, Yellow Each kid takes a turn trying to duplicate the sequence of colors stated
  • Play math cones! Call out a math problem example 1+1= what? First kid to correct answer wins! Make it more difficult or base on child’s math level with addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc!
  • Moving Memory Number game: Write down a sequence of numbers on index cards. Have one caller and one runner. The caller calls out the first number, the runner has to go to that number and back to start. The runner calls out the first and second number and the runner must tag both cones and return to base. Continue play like this until runner correctly tags each cone, and then runner and caller switch places!

What other games can you think of playing with numbered traffic cones?

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