New HouseParty’s: Sign up!

So I told you guys about HERE, and I was picked to Host the Stouffers Sub Party!
And now there are new parties you can apply to host right now:

Soleil® Spread the Sunshine House Party Apply for the Bic Soleil PartyIf selected as a host of this exclusive event, you’ll receive a FREE party pack of goodies to help kick off your party! Party games, summer recipes, valuable coupons and more will be supplied by BlC Soleil. You’ll also be able to join the celebration for BIC Soleil’s 100 Days of Sunshine national promotion. Start spreading the sunshine with Soleil — and get ready for a great time, great legs and a great summer!

Bicycle® Playing Cards What’s Your Game?™ House Party ™

Bicycle: :Whats Your Game Party: For 125 years, Bicycle® Playing Cards has helped bring people of all ages together through their shared love for games like Canasta, Hearts, Rummy, Go Fish, and more. Host a “What’s Your Game?” House Party™ and get your gang together to rekindle those card playing memories in some friendly competition, as you take part in a nationwide card game night. You’ll play one another, rediscover old games, create new memories, learn some new tricks, discover your game and win excellent prizes!
Both these parties sound like fun, but the game one is right up my alley!  I am so excited to see what other parties we all can get!
See the whole list of events HERE!

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