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New House Party Opportunities!

House Party Has some great NEW Parties you can apply for right now! Go HERE to see them all!
What is House Party? Go HERE to read my post for information!

Fresh Taste of Summer House Party™

Fresh Taste of Summer House Party™sponsored by Jarden Home Brands June 5, 2010

Dip into some summer fun — in the form of garden fresh, homemade salsa — captured in a jar and ready to enjoy or share with your favorite salsa enthusiast. Host a Fresh Taste of Summer House Party™ and receive fun gadgets, recipes and goodies to get creative in the kitchen. You’ll experience the benefits of food made fresh — without preservatives — and quickly see why all the food magazines consider this the culinary eco-craft with staying power!

Gerber Generation Celebration House Party Sponsored by Gerber May 15, 2010

Research shows that a child who receives good nutrition in the first five years is more likely to be healthy for the rest of their lives. At your House Party, moms and moms-to-be will get together for a Gerber Generation Celebration baby shower. Have some laughs, plan for the future and help encourage good nutrition – with help from the Gerber and their Start Healthy, Stay Healthy™ nutrition system.

Aquafina Flavor Your Day House Party

Aquafina Flavor Your Day House Party sponsored by Aquafina® May 15, 2010

Get ready to add healthy splashes of fun to your lifestyle at an Aquafina Flavor Your Day House Party! You and your guests will get great tips, tricks and suggestions that’ll invigorate any fitness plan. With recipes, coupons and more to share, you won’t want to miss this new look at making “healthy” more fun. It’ll be an absolutely refreshing experience for all!

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