Need a New Cell Phone? How About for a Penny?

So my sister was eligible for a cell phone upgrade and was looking on At&t online and did not like the price of $200.00…so of course she came to me and asked how to get a good deal…

I told her to search for the phone she wanted on Amazon…and she got it for $0.01! There are a ton of popular phones for a penny for new or upgrades for At&t, Verizon, or Tmobile… Here is a list of some popular models, if you want you can search for the phone you have been wanting here and let me know if you score one for a penny! Of course you need to make sure you are eligible for an upgrade before you purchase anything…

HTC Tilt 2 for AT&T for just $0.01

Motorola Backflip for AT&T for just $0.01

Blackberry Bold for At&t for just $0.01

Motorola Droid for Verizon for just $0.01

LG enV Touch for Verizon for just $0.01

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