My Site Is Back! I HOPE!

Oh my goodness has it been a rough few days for Good Deal Mama…let me tell you a little story:

So first there was this little Hurricane Irene that took out my internet for two days, then I get my internet to start working again BUT

My computer decides to get stuck in a Start Up Manager for HOURS, in a continuous loop of going nowhere…. couldn’t do a thing on it

THEN somehow I find a way of restarting my computer but its completely back to its FACTORY settings {seriously don’t know how I even did that!} so Great! My computer is fixed, I just lost all my log ins, bookmarks, music, photos, etc…

So then I get to try to start posting good deals for you guys, only I can’t post ANYTHING! My site was broken, and I was unable to post anything new.

SO I work on that for a few hours, get it straightened out only to find out none of my links are directing to my site! I was HACKED into and all links to are going to some spam site!

Soooooo, I finally “fix” that or so I think, only to wake up today to all the same messes–my site won’t post anything and my links are still hijacked to some spam!

WOW! Not having a good online or computer week!

I hope that it is all finally resolved and hope it won’t be happening anymore….but thanks so much for sticking with me through all of this!

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