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My Sincere Apologies

I previously mentioned that I am moving.  I said we had gotten some news that changes things on the home front and boy was that true!

We had sold our house and planning on starting construction on our new property. Well weeks before that began my grandparents decided to sell us their 7 acres that we have LOVED for years and have been wanting to purchase!  We were really torn if we should really do a 180 and basically start over from scratch and purchase it.

We, and by me I mean my husband, had already cleared hundreds of trees to make room for the new house, a well was already installed, permits were already drafted and purchased, septic was planned and paid for…

BUT we LOVED the school district of my grandparents land. It was closer to stores and family, it was 7 acres instead of 2 and 1/2 and it had a pond and creek . We have loved it for years.

Here are some pictures of the pond:



Very nice right?!  I do believe we may be a tad bit crazy because….

Yeah, we completely changed course and moved out to my grandparents land. But right now in the process of building and getting everything situated we are without internet. SO that’s why I have been gone since the end of August. We are in the process of trying to get some sort of internet out there but in the mean time please pinky promise me you will not give up on Good Deal Mama!?!? 

Now that we have this much land I plan on bringing you more post on homesteading,  plus continue my post on crafts, recipes, budget home decorating,  fun and frugal activities and projects and of course continue to bring you good deals!

Hopefully you can enjoy some of the recipes I have posted, or frugal DYI, or fun family activities you can do!

Thank you for your patience!!




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