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Update on my Continued Get Healthy Journey!

keto results before and after

So as with many people I have been watching what I eat to try and lose weight.  I think I have finally found what works for my body! I would like to share my story with you today.

I have struggled for years with my weight, if anyone has been around here long enough you may know this 🙂 I started posting my weight lost struggles here  and from that point (2011) I put on 40+ more pounds!! I didn’t even recognize myself anymore. I needed to make changes, but just like in the past I was worried I wouldn’t be able to stick with anything and I would just keep yo-yoing up and down.

This past fall a friend had also put on weight and wanted to do something about it so she suggested starting a weight lost challenge with some of our friends. The group started the competition November 1st, 2014. We all had to do a weigh-in video. I was horrified at the weight that day! Honestly, I weighed in at 250! Heavier then I ever was even 9 months pregnant!! Enough was enough!  I HAD to do something.

The first challenge ran from November 1 st- January 1st. During that time I tried cutting calories, no soda, no desserts, etc. It was all about doing what I “thought” was the best for me to lose weight. I ended the challenge losing 16 lbs! I was so happy with myself that even over the holidays I was able to lose weight!

During the weight lost challenge I turned to Instagram for motivation. I was seeing people eating all this amazing looking food that was all the things I loved to eat but couldn’t while dieting. The crazy thing was that they were losing weight! It was called Keto dieting, I didn’t understand it!

Then over the holidays my mother-in-law came over for brunch and she was telling me how she was losing weight eating bacon, cheese, cheeseburgers and more….she was also doing low carb, high fat diet! I thought it sounded really hard to give up cereal, bread, pasta, and potatoes! She was only eating 20 carbs a day! BUT everything she was eating, and those Instagramers were eating were all things I really loved so I thought about giving it a try.

Starting on 12/30 I decided to give this Ketogenic Diet a try. I was weighing in at 234. I figured I would try this out and give myself a month to see if I would lose at all.

By 1/9/2015 I had lost 7 pounds and really believing I could do this! After about a month of doing the diet I had lost 13 lbs! Almost as much as I had lost during the whole 2 month challenge when I just counted calories.

In the beginning of the keto diet I would count everything, calories, carbs, fat, protein, etc. I would try and stick to certain macros  it seemed like more work then just counting calories! I wanted something that was easy so I could stick to this long term, like for life. I decided after about a month to just count net carbs. {Carbs-fiber-sugar alcohols=net carbs} I just stick to around 20 net carbs a day.

By mid March I had lost a total of 41 pounds! 25 of it since being on the Keto diet. I was enjoying what I was eating and wasn’t feeling the need to “cheat” although I did have some meals that weren’t low carb while away with friends for a weekend, or a meal here or there. But day in and day out, even during periods of stress I didn’t feel like I ‘needed’ carbs to feel better.

Any other diet I had tried in the past I was miserable, hungry, and would always be stressed out and want to go off plan. I also had terrible IBS, which meant multiple trips to the bathroom in a day {Sorry for the TMI} and horrible heartburn but with the Keto diet my stomach issues disappeared! That is a testament to me that for my body this is how I was meant to eat.

I enjoy foods that were off limits with low calorie: cream cheese, cheese, sour cream, half and half, bunless burgers, bunless cheese steaks, skillet pizzas,  tacos with low carb tortillas, deviled eggs, pickles, olives, DIPS! with pork rinds, jalapeno poppers, sugar free chocolates!

Since November 2014 I have now officially lost 70 pounds. I weigh in today at 180 and I am not done yet! But I know this is a way of life for me now and have no doubts I will reach my weight loss goals!

Enjoying the journey this time around, stay tuned for updates! If you would like to see more progress pics and food I eat feel free to follow me on Instagram as gooddealmama_loses

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