Little Looster Review & Discount Code!

What is Little Looster?  It is a u shaped step stool that fits around the base of your toilet so your child can sit on the potty without the need of additional products and feel comfortable doing so!  It was made by a mom who felt like there had to be a better way then buying a bunch of different products, when eventually her child would end up on the potty anyways!

4 year old:
Pros: I liked that he was stable on the toilet and wouldn’t need his seat insert, he liked that he didn’t feel like he was going to fall off the toilet or the stool. Unlike a regular stool, it goes all the way around so there is no tipping involved. It really was sturdy.

Cons: He is pretty used to the insert for the potty seat and 4 so he still wanted to use it. I don’t know if it’s a real “con” since you could buy this product and your child wouldn’t be “used” to anything else.

Pros: He was able to get up to the potty using the Little Looster. And again it was sturdy and served its purpose of helping him while on the potty.

Overall the product was well made, sturdy, and served the purpose of helping little ones feel more comfortable on the toilet!

If you would like to order a Little Looster for your little ones, head over here and use code:  PA6101 for a $5 discount Also on the site is a great video so you can see the Little Looster in Action!

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  1. TheBaldEagle says:

    Great item that I will buy, but that discount code no longer works.

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