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CVS Store Guide

First thing, first you need a CVS card, I suggest getting it in store, so you can use it right away! But you can go online here and fill out the Extra Care membership form, you will have to wait 2 weeks for your card. Remember to ALWAYS give your card, to make sure you get your ECB!

So when you shop at CVS, you are looking to get ECB, or Extra Care Bucks, which work like cash on anything you want to buy only a couple exclusions apply.  The Extra Care Bucks will come in the form of a coupon at the end of your receipt. You get them when you buy certain items, that will be marked in either the weekly ad [mostly] or a monthly promotion. There will be a limit on how many times you can buy the item and receive the ECB, so make sure you look at that. [Its usually 1 but can be up to 5] You may buy more items, it just won’t give you the ECB for doing so!

So How do you get The Good Deals at CVS?

  • look in your weekly ad, or stop here at Good Deal Mama, and find the items that get you ECBs.
  • Then look at those items that have coupons to use on them [I will point out the deals, and where to find the coupon]
  • Sometimes there are CVS store coupons, that you can use WITH a manufacturer coupon for even greater savings! CVS coupons will print at the bottom of your Cash Register Tape (CRT) and most stores now have a red scan box where you can either check the price of an item or scan your ECB Card and receive coupons. I ALWAYS scan my card at this machine, first thing!
  • There are sometimes X/XX.xx coupons out as well for CVS. Ex. 5.00 off a 25.00 purchase [ I will let you know this too!]

So you buy items that get you ECB’s , use a X/XX coupon, use all your other coupons, any CVS coupons & pay {hopefully} little OOP, and get back EBC- to “ROLL” next week!

What is Rolling?

Rolling means buying items each week that get you more ECB so you can keep the good deals “rolling” at CVS !  Basically, you don’t use all your ECB on items you “need”, but on more things to get ECB. I look at shopping at CVS, as not where I buy things I need, but I get things I will need one day, or things I can donate! Which is an amazing feeling to be able to do so! I basically never pay for toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, razors or shampoo anymore! I just use my ECB from the week before to buy new things that get me ECB!

Green Bag Tag: is a tag [it cost .99 to get] that you stick to your reusable bag, and get it scanned every time you use it. For every 4th visit, you will receive 1 ECB. [only one scan per day, even if you shop more than once a day!]

Any Questions: Contact me at gooddealmama@gmail.com  I understand how confusing this can all be & I am more than willing to help you through the starting process!

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