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Stockpiling 101

Stockpiling 101 please click here to see the stockpiling video! and don’t make fun of me for how poor it is! And for how funny I sound! for some reason I sound kinda weird, and it cuts me off between shots…I will get better!

Ok so a little Stockpiling 101 for you….

Stockpiling is getting an item for FREE or at rock bottom price, or stockpiling price. Anytime you can get an item at that price, you buy enough to last you until the next sale cycle, which is usually 6-8 weeks, depending on the item.

So to Start

  1. You will need to get your hands on more than one set of inserts, or coupons, since to stock up on one item, you will need more than one coupon. To get inserts on Sundays, you could pay for the newspaper at the store, or to be delivered to your house, or use ECB or RR to pay for it. Two other ways I suggest getting your inserts is asking your delivery person if they ever have extras or going to your local gas station and asking them if you can come and pick up any extra inserts. {as long as they turn in the front page they will still get credit for that newpaper}
  2. After you have your coupons, you need to match the coupon to an awesome sale to make sure you item is at its lowest price, or stockpiling price. Of course, that is why my site is here {or many others}. I usually only put the “stockpiling” items in my store matchups, because that what I think are good deals. Of course if there is something you need to buy you can’t wait for the stockpiling price, but having a coupon and a sale is still good for buying those items.
  3. You have to have a place to store it all. I recommend finding anywhere you have space you can store items. Be creative, under beds are great for storing paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, cleaning supplies, etc. I show you in the video a few of the places I store things. I also use above my washer/dryer, my bathroom cabinets, and of course my kitchen cabinets. I find I get more creative the longer I do stockpiling.
  4. The key to stockpiling is buying enough, but not so much that you start hording items. I feel really blessed to be able to give away so much more than my family has ever been able to. I have also heard of having bi-yearly yard sales. Which can be a win win for you and those you sell to, you make more than you paid, and they get items way cheaper than they would be able to buy in the store.
  5. Keep the oldest stuff to be used first and newest stuff in the back, so you are always rotating your stock and nothing goes out of date, before you can use it.
  6. Remember to stockpile items you might not think of.
  • Gifts- I love to have gifts on hand, because that can be a huge budget buster if you have a party to go to and have to spend 30.00 on one birthday gift! Stockpile clearance sale, online deals, or coupon match up sales and never pay full price for a gift again!
  • Medication-Some people think to have just one of something on hand, because they think it will last, but it’s usually when you are sick you run out, or realize you just used up the last of the medication last time you needed it. That is why it is best to stockpile medications. Also a lot of my medications have expiration dates of 2-3 years from now. So the aren’t expiring anytime soon!
  • I am also a fan of stockpiling clothes for kids! It sounds a little weird, but I like to buy items on sale for the next size up. Same principals apply with clothes, if I can can an item really cheap for my sons, I buy the next size up so next time they need clothes I already started getting a nice wardrobe for them for alot less then I would have paid if I bought the stuff when I “needed” it and paid full price. Ouch! I just realized how much “full” price pants were when my son sprouted up and needed the next size! I now have been collecting size 7 pants for him when I find them on sale. Yep, he’s 4 and in a size 6!

So any questions feel free to ask.

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