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Couponing Rules

New to Couponing? Wish their were some rules you could follow? Here are some of the “rules” I follow when couponing!

Here are some general rules:
1.  Most stores will allow you to combine a store coupon with a manufacturers coupon.  This is what is known as “stacking”.  How can you tell the difference between a manufacturers coupon and a store coupon?  The most obvious difference is a lack of a “Remit To” address.  Another is a lack of numbers under the bar code (or a bar code that starts with letters or isn’t the standard 10-digit code).
2.  Limit One Per Purchase simply means that you cannot use 2 of the same coupon on 1 item.   A purchase is an item.  A transaction is a group of purchases.  You will occasionally see the coupon that says “limit 1 per transaction”, but they are very rare.
3.  Internet Printable coupons have 2 “bar codes” on them that prevents their misuse.  The first bar code is the one that gets scanned at the point-of-sale.  The second is not really a bar code, but the Veri-FI seal with an individual ID number for that coupon….and no two coupons have the same number.
4.  You can combine a coupon (such as $1.00/2) coupon with a BOGO sale.  The coupon doesn’t actually require that you PAY for 2.  The coupon just wants you to get 2 and the store is giving you one for free as part of their store sale.
5.  In most cases, stores don’t mind you taking blinkie coupons for future use.  They are provided by the Manufacturer and all they care about is that you use it at some point to buy their product.
6.  Internet Printables are valid no matter if they are printed in black & white or color ink.  As color ink is more expensive than black ink, set your printer to grayscale (medium quality) and print away!
7. You CAN NOT copy coupons EVER! And they can track it if you copy coupons from your own computer.

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