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New Here? Learn the Coupon Game!

Here are some common things to know to get started:

First thing to get you started is you need to get coupons, the ones in newspaper “inserts”, the printable kinds, and the “high value” mailed ones.

To get printable coupons

Check out:




I will tell you when great mailable coupons are out there, I will also highlight some great printable coupons, but I can’t get you any inserts, sorry! I would suggest getting at least 4 newspapers (or coupons) from your neighbors, work, friends, and family. There are two other ways of getting newspapers.

1. Ask your delievery person if they have extra

2. Go to your local gas station late Sunday/Early Monday and ask for just the inserts, they will still get credit for turning in the rest of the paper

3. Local restaurants, libraries, or coffee shops will usually have left over newspapers.


Now some stuff you should know:

After you get your coupons in your hands you need to shop the SALES!  But Don’t run out and use that coupon the moment you get it! You wait until a good sale to use it–that is playing the coupon game!

The best places to get your stockpile going are CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens I highlight the good deals that you can grab there each week! There are literally items you can get for FREE!

Read up on how to shop at each of those stores over on the Store Guides page, once there just click on the store you would like to learn about!

To shop at your local grocery store I have a few tips:

Make your list based on what is on sale NOT what you “need” to eat that week–what I mean that by that is not that you shouldn’t buy sugar if you need it, but you don’t have to have pork that week if its not on sale

Once you make your list, find out if there are any coupons to match with it. Search our coupon database here!

Combine Store Deals with coupons–meaning Catalina deals and instant savings deals with coupons! I love getting free items this way!



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