Let Me know what you Scored!

I don’t know why I post this, as if you guys care…but if you do…I will be out and about rounding up some good deals I have been posting, and will be back later, so stay tuned for more good deals and an update of what I scored!

If you want while I am gone, let us know what you scored lately! You know there is something you got, you are dying to tell someone about…at least that is how I am, I always want to tell everyone LOOK WHAT I SCORED WHOOHOOO!

So, go ahead, let us know! I will be checking in on my phone, so I am excited to see…maybe I can grab it while I am out!

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  1. here is what I scored!


  2. Have yet to score anything as of late, but I’m hoping today to be able to go get my $.4 toothpaste at Walgreens, woohoo!!!

  3. Picked up a few Valentine’s Day plush w/ tin for 90% off at Kmart ($0.99 each) & a few clearance items at BRU.


  4. I scored 4 free gillette body washes at Target w/ my 2 $4 off coupons since they were priced at $1.99 each and i just ordered 20 more coupons on Ebay so I can stock up for my two teenage newphews!! :)

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