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Layaway Walmart Black Friday Items 2012

Layaway Walmart Black Friday Items So Paul, from I heart the mart, shared with Good Deal Mama how this year you can Layaway Walmart Black Friday Items NOW and then get the sale prices on Black Friday when you pay off your layaway and pick up your items. It sounds really great but there are a few “catches” ! I’ve read Paul’s post and also talked with a manager at my local Walmart and here are some things you should know:

What does this mean?

  • You CAN put items on layaway now that will be on sale on Black Friday, then pick up the items on Friday, pay off your layaway and get the Black Friday sale prices.
  • Layaway will be closed Thursday, but should be open on Friday at 9 am.
  • You will NOT be able to put “Special Buy” items on layaway NOW because they are specific items just for Black Friday, so NOT available right now.
  • The items you can find in stores, like the Nintendo DSi XL {which is not a “Special Buy”} you CAN put that item on Layaway and then get it Friday for $99.96, the Black Friday sale price
  • You can also price match on Black Friday and with layaway items, if you are able to pick up and pay for the items during the competitors sale AND that the item is exactly the same!

Any other questions about being able to “Layaway Walmart Black Friday items?”

Looking for whats on sale on Black Friday at Walmart? Click here to see!

{Thanks so much I Heart the Mart for sharing this information!}

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