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Kroger Savings and Coupons


If you are like me you have a Kroger near you but you may feel like at times you don’t get the best deals if you are only using your rewards card. The truth is that you are missing out if you are only using your rewards card. To maximize your savings at Kroger you need to stack those mix and match sales with coupons when possible.

Before you shop at Kroger and use coupons you should make sure you are familiar with their coupon policy. I know who wants to waste their time reading all that mumbo Jumbo, the good news is you don’t have to. our good friends over at PCAD have Broken down Kroger’s Coupon policy for us normal people to understand it. Read more here. After you read their breakdown of Kroger’s Coupon policy you will have a better understanding of how and when to use coupons.

Did you know you can also get free items from Kroger? Yes, we aren’t talking about just cheap items but Free Items. Kroger gives away a free item to reward members almost every Friday. Don’t worry being Kroger rewards member is free! If you want to know what the latest Kroger Free Friday Download then visit https://printablecouponsanddeals.com/kroger-free-friday-download/  . They keep updating that page with the latest Kroger Free item every time it is available. Everyone loves a freebie so make sure to grab yours at Kroger.

Now all you need to do is combine the information above to maximize your savings at Kroger. Take a sale, add your coupons, and make sure to get you Kroger freebie while you are there. This is what I call winning while shopping at Kroger! With just a little bit of time and effort the money you save you can be planning your next family vacation. Now that’s some sweet savings!

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  1. This actually worked! Our folders weren’t named though, just a bunch of letter/number combos. But, we were able to find the lost world by the Date Created and Last Modified options….and followed your instructions from there.

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