Kmart: Watch Your Cashier!

This is a tip if you are planning on heading out for double days at Kmart the rest of this week.  It sounds really bad but I gave in and went into Kmart last night after a “slushie run” aka coffee run for mama! I had to grab some freebies, who can pass that up?! {Especially when I could donate the items if I don’t need them, right?!} So I did two transactions, one with my card, one with my husbands. And of course I had to make a trip to Customer Service! Click Read More to see the tip!

The first one I bought:

  • 5 All detergants
  • 8 Snuggle Fabric Sheets

Used the $5/50 Coupon and

5 $2.00/1 All Coupon {which doubled from 2/7 RP and 8 $3.00/1 Snuggle Coupons from 3/28 RP

Paid $5.07 {2 of it was tax} This deal turned out ok, because all the items were $4.00 {the same price}

The next transaction was what is pictured {cute child not included, he just wanted to be part of the post}:

  • One Baby All $4.00 used $2.00 coupon {should double to FREE}
  • 1 Right Guard 5 Deodorant $2.50 used $1.50 coupon from HERE {should have doubled to FREE}
  • 1 Carpet Fresh $2.89 used $1.50 Coupon from HERE {should have doubled to FREE}
  • 1 Dentastix for $3.99 Used $2.00 Coupon from 3/21 RP {should have doubled to FREE}
  • 1 Ziploc Twist n’ Loc Containers $2.50 Used tear pad $1.00 coupon on display {Doubled to cost me .50¢}

So the entire above transaction should have cost me .50¢ plus tax, but it ended up costing me more, because:

The Cashiers have to choose which coupons go with which products, which sounds like no big deal, until that $2.00 coupon gets linked to the $2.89 item, and doesn’t double to the full $4.00. Kmarts registers are smart {weird huh?} and won’t allow overage, so if the cashier just happens to pick the wrong item the coupon is good for, you will be out the amount its for.

So what do you do? This sounds a little extreme, but: hand over your coupons one at a time! Its not that bad, because you are only worried about the 5 that will double, so it should be ok. I spent a good extra 5-10 minutes figuring and explaining it all to get back my $1.00- Yes! I did, it was mine! So take a few seconds to just hand them one at a time, so you can make sure it is linked to the right item.   Good Luck! Any good deals you want to share or horror stories?

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  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing! I went to Kmart the other day and somehow my $2.00 coupon was only put in at $0.75 and only doubled to $0.75. I was really bummed about that. I chose not to battle that. Long story, but I normally do go back and get my money back wether it is $.50 or $2.00. You know, I look at it like this… I can turn $1.00 into $10.00, so that $1.00 DOES make a difference. Something, I think, only us couponers would understand. Right? :) Good for you for getting your hard earned money back.

    Thank you for your hard work!

  2. Thanks Cheryl, I am so glad I am not alone!

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