Kmart: No Double Days in Ad…

Just wanted to point out, that my store was included in the list for double days, but there is no mention of it in our local ad, so if you are having the same problem, just print out the list of stores, and take it in with you.

Honestly though, Kmart has upset me, with the “10/20” coupon fiasco, and them limiting the coupons to 5 per person. Now, its not even advertised, so I would guess I might have some trouble getting them to do it. Maybe not, but I don’t know if I will be going there. I do live close to one, and might stop in to try to get some really good deals {FREE} for you guys, but this is just my thoughts on Kmart.

Will you be trying to shop the double days? What items have you found you can get for free with the coupon doubled?

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  1. Melissa says:

    Our store in Charleston, SC is on the list, but they are remodeling. They are doing away with the grocery department! It is about 20 miles away and I didn’t even take the time to try shopping there.

  2. Janet D says:

    My KMart also did not advertise in the circular about the double coupon offer. The cashiers were aware of it and I eventually found a sign in the store about the ‘special”. Very low keyed. $19 pre-coupons then $3.50.

  3. My KMart didn’t advertise, but I decided to head over and give it a shot… When I got there, I didn’t see a single sign advertising it so I went to customer service to ask. The woman at CS said they weren’t doing and I kept saying “well, the website says you are” and she just kept saying no. I debated for a good 5 minutes and thought I’d give it a shot anyway… IT WORKED! WOOHOO!

    I hate that the employees are so uninformed, but I got 4 sticks of Right Guard 5 for free and some Visine for contacts free. Since it’s within walking distance of my apartment I plan on going everyday after work and will be bringing along a new friend to start showing her the way to work Qs and sales.

    Oh, and the cashier that rang me up was super nice and really impressed and so I explained all the rules of super doubles and gave her a list of my favorite money saving websites… I love showing people how to save!

  4. so I went yesterday and got my 5 free items. Went great! Then today I went back for my next set of 5 free items and 2 didn’t double. That should have been $4.00. So I went to CS and talked super nice to them and they were clueless. They kept saying things like “You can only use 5 coupons” and “You need a reward card” … all things I knew. So they CS rep said “I have to go get your coupons and match up which didn’t double and why” by this point I was running super late and I was frustrated so I said “Just forget it..I’m returning everything.” So I started to return. The CS rep was clueless again and returned it all. After I got back home I checked everything and realized this…I paid $7.50 orginally (should have been 3.50) and she gave me 16.00 back. So do the math. Instead of giving me the 4.00 like I asked, she screwed up and gave me 16. I sighed and said to my hubby…this is why I don’t shop Kmart. =(

  5. Exactly why I don’t know if I want to venture out! Last year, right after I had my son, one of my items didn’t ring up correctly {it was candy in 4 “bins”} with a sign on it. Went back later to tell the CS person. She said I bought the wrong item, so I took her {along with my 2 children} to the bins and showed her the sign. She said it was for one of the candies, not all the 4 kinds. I asked why the sign wouldn’t say just the one kind. she SIGHED and said I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS! I was floored. I asked for a manager and explain what was said and let him know, I don’t have time for rude employees, and can’t believe I would be talked to this way! It was mind blowing, and it seems every time I go there something rings up wrong, or there is a problem.
    Ahhh…Kmart. what are you going to do? Get your free stuff and run! LOL!

  6. Beist is the greatest! His AWP skills are better then markeloffs. If you dont know him, you probably will soon.

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