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NickMom Instant Mom Girls Night In! #MotherFunny


instant mom just add vodka #shop

Have you ever found yourself sitting on your couch, with the kids in bed, and you are still watching Nick Jr.?! Yeah me too, watching Bubble Guppies by yourself, not so fun!

Well now there’s a show just for us Moms! Called Instant Mom and NickMom airs new episodes on the Nick Jr. channel every Sunday at 10:00 pm EST and reruns can be viewed every night. Please check your local listing or this link to confirm the time in your specific time zone!

Instant Mom is a show staring Tia Mowry-Hardrict becomes a Instant Mom when she marries an older man. Tia’s character, Stephanie has to quickly learn how to be a full-time stepmom with the help of her overbearing mother, Maggie, while attempting to keep her social life active.

meet the cast instant mom #shop

mom lemonade #motherfunny #shop
My girlfriend came over for some much needed “Mommy Time” and we made some “Mommy’s Special Lemonade” while we watched Instant Mom on NickMom. It was very nice to sit back with an adult beverage, good friend, and some laughs.

I think we can all relate to Instant Mom and the challenges of Mothering we all face!  Needing some good laughs make sure you tune in Sunday nights to NickMom to catch Instant Mom.

 Here’s some fun recipes for drinks for your next Girls Night In:

drinks for girls night in #shop #motherfunny

Connect with Instant Mom:

●      http://nickmom.com

●      @NickMom

●      https://www.facebook.com/nickmom



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Come on be nosy! Photos of Our new Property!

I promised you some photos last week of our new property, and its a little late but here they are!  So come on and be nosy! I love looking at other people’s homes.

For those that don’t know, my family recently purchased 7 acres from my grandparents and are going to be building our new home this Spring, so for now the property, the pond, the creek, etc are the shining stars.

So get ready for some photos!

boys at creek

My boys took me on a “nature trail walk” from a “trail” they made. Yeah there was no “trail” made but we enjoyed the walk up to the creek and back.  The creek borders the one side of the property.

sunset new property


caiden in creek

cameron in paddle boat

My oldest son and I went for a paddle boat ride. I was way better at paddle boating when I was younger! 🙂 

pond view from front porch

coffee and fall

back of property

This photo made me laugh when I uploaded it because I first I didn’t realize why I had taken it. It reminds me of a hidden object photo. Do you see the two “objects” in the photo?! This is the back of our property, a very big field that will be games of football, baseball, and four wheel riding I am sure!

So there you go! Hope you enjoyed a little sneak peak into our world.  Feel free to ask any questions!

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Good Deal Mama is Back!!!

im-back Yay! Good Deal Mama is back in business! We finally got internet at our new property!  I am so excited to get back in the swing of things and bring you some good deals, new recipes and dyi post!

Some post I plan on bringing you this week:

Update on my Curly Girl experience, its been a year and I am going to let you know what I think now and share my routine!

Veggie Pizza Recipe–not a regular veggie pizza, but a good party food!

Share some photos of my new property 😀

{Hopefully} Post a fun melted crayon pumpkin craft!

And of course sprinkle in some good deals here and there!


So hopefully you stay tuned! And thanks for being patient during this transition!

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Easy Candy Bar Bouquet Gift Idea!

candy bouquet instructions

I had some guys helping us with our move lately and wanted something simple that would show our thanks.  Since they are men I knew flowers wouldn’t be that impressive, but candy is always a winner!

So I went out to purchase the items to make these Easy Candy Bar Bouquet and got started!

All you need to make yours is:

  • A Container to place your candy bars in, or 4 “movie theater” boxed candy {which you can hot glue together to make a container}
  • Popsicle sticks, bamboo sticks, or any other craft sticks
  • hot glue gun glue sticks and hot glue gun {Or you can be like me and purchase the wrong size glue sticks and just use strong tape 😉 }
  • flora block
  • any decoration items you want including: Curling ribbons, tissue paper, etc.
  • Candy Bars! You can use full size or like me use “fun size” I was able to put more variety in this way and was able to make more then one candy bouquet this way too!

candy bar bouquet


  1. Place flora block into container you purchased or glue four “movie theater” boxed candies together to make a container.
  2. I placed my flora block inside tissue paper and then put it inside my oversized beverage mug.
  3. Tape or Hot Glue each candy bar to your stick {Use some flora tape if you use hot glue and don’t want the glue directly on the candy bar}
  4. If using ribbons, you can tie each ribbon around the candy bar itself or the stick. I did both. Curl the ends
  5. Stick the candy bar “sticks” into the flora block

That’s It!! Easy Peesy, lemon squeezey!  Perfect gift that is easy to put together and looks super cute! 


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My Sincere Apologies

I previously mentioned that I am moving.  I said we had gotten some news that changes things on the home front and boy was that true!

We had sold our house and planning on starting construction on our new property. Well weeks before that began my grandparents decided to sell us their 7 acres that we have LOVED for years and have been wanting to purchase!  We were really torn if we should really do a 180 and basically start over from scratch and purchase it.

We, and by me I mean my husband, had already cleared hundreds of trees to make room for the new house, a well was already installed, permits were already drafted and purchased, septic was planned and paid for…

BUT we LOVED the school district of my grandparents land. It was closer to stores and family, it was 7 acres instead of 2 and 1/2 and it had a pond and creek . We have loved it for years.

Here are some pictures of the pond:



Very nice right?!  I do believe we may be a tad bit crazy because….

Yeah, we completely changed course and moved out to my grandparents land. But right now in the process of building and getting everything situated we are without internet. SO that’s why I have been gone since the end of August. We are in the process of trying to get some sort of internet out there but in the mean time please pinky promise me you will not give up on Good Deal Mama!?!? 

Now that we have this much land I plan on bringing you more post on homesteading,  plus continue my post on crafts, recipes, budget home decorating,  fun and frugal activities and projects and of course continue to bring you good deals!

Hopefully you can enjoy some of the recipes I have posted, or frugal DYI, or fun family activities you can do!

Thank you for your patience!!




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Playful Painting

playful painting


Kids LOVE to paint and get messy!  This activity is perfect! Let the kiddos get messy and have a good time- by dropping finger paint in the bottom of an empty tub at different areas. Then put the kiddo in and let them go to town. We have gotten very creative- practiced letters, numbers, words, as well as discovered what colors you can make. Best part is it comes right off with water and sponge.

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A Nice Day of Fishing

Today was just beautiful! And such a nice reminder to slow down and enjoy the little things in life! My kids and their friend wanted to fish out at my grandma’s pond and we did just that.

It was so relaxing and nice!


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Planning a Staycation to Hershey PA

staycation in Hershey PA I am so excited to share with you all the fun and frugal things you can do in my hometown of Hershey PA! If you are not from the area check back tomorrow as I will have a HUGE list of staycation ideas from around the country!

Completely FREE Activities in Hershey:

Hershey Chocolate World: This has to be one of my favorite things to do with my kiddos! Parking is FREE up to 2 hours and the Hershey Great American Chocolate Tour Ride is also completely FREE as well! You even get a sweet chocolate candy at the end of the ride.
There are other things to do that are not free and can get costly, so you can find some coupons for Hershey Chocolate World here

cocoa castle

Cocoa Castle in Hershey: is a large playground on Cocoa Avenue. That resembles a castle and is completely fenced in. There is NO admission cost it is completely free to play on! Lots of fun for your kiddos

Hershey Public Library:  offers lots of fun FREE entertainment through out the year. Borrow movies and books from the library for FREE plus they offer story times through out the summer along with music performances as well. Could be a nice break from the heat this summer!

Governor Dick: The 1105 acres of undisturbed forest is in the West Cornwall district of Lebanon County.  Is ideal for families with littler kids because its a nice 1 mile walk to a tower, that you can climb if you choose to do so.

Boxcar Rock: or “Chinese Wall” is  A Wall of Rocks with heights between forty and eighty feet and some spots for hands and feet to climb the rock wall.  Probably best for expert climbers but a nice hike and spot to see in PA. Located at Goldmine Rd Pine Grove, PA 17963

Dinosaur Rock: Might be better with families of older children because it can be a little more difficult to climb the “dinosaur rock” Dinosaur Rock is located in southern Lebanon County, along Mt Wilson Road. No bathrooms available but plenty of space for a large group.

Hershey Farm: In Strasburg, PA with Free walking trail, free self-guided tour of their flower and vegetable gardens, free children’s play areas, free photo opportunities with various Amish buggies, and free on-site farm animals to see

Free or Discounted Movies at local theaters check out this list of theaters that offer Free or very cheap movies through out the summer. Usually movies that have been out for awhile, still a very nice way to escape the heat for a couple hours!!

Kids Bowl Free -this is a nice program but its NOT COMPLETELY FREE. You do need to pay for shoe rentals. Up to 2 Games are free. Nice discount family activity.

Here some of the local attractions:

Hershey Park: Hershey Park can get expensive, I have posted a way to get discounted Hershey Park tickets or you can find discounts at Giant grocery stores. Hershey Park is a 110-acre theme park that offers more than 65 rides. The park has a nice mix of children rides, 11 roller coasters and even a 4,000 square feet water park. It can be a fun day adventure. No outside food permitted in the park but you are able to get a handstamp, leave the park, and re-enter.

Zoo America:  Is  a year-round, 11-acre, walk-thru zoo right next to Hersheypark Home to more than 200 animals! Plus it offers a Ranger Scratch Kids Club and for $25 you get a Free one-year subscription to Ranger Rick magazine (ages 7-12) or Your Big Backyard (6 and under), a Welcome gift, Free admission to ZooAmerica during regular operating hours PLUS many other goodies! Cost of admission is $10.50 for ages 9-54 and $8.50 for ages 3-8

Hershey Gardens: The Children’s Garden is fun with a fine spray of water and meandering pathways through 32 themed gardens with hands-on activities and a Hershey Kiss character to greet the kids! — Plus an interactive guide that contains clues to help you solve the garden mysteries! You get a reward at the end! Cost: $9.95 per guide–  Cost of Garden Admission: Regular (ages 13-61) – $10.00 Junior (ages 3-12) – $7.50 Children under 3 – FREE


Visit Hershey Gardens and The Hershey Story’s Museum Experience for a combined price!

Regular – $15.00 (regularly $20.00)
Senior – $13.00 (regularly $18.00)
Junior – $12.00 (regularly $15.00)

Get your Combo Pass at Hershey Gardens or The Hershey Story, The Museum on Chocolate Avenue.

Indian Echo Caverns: Perfect for a HOT summer day the Caverns are always a nice 52 degrees!  The Cavern is a limestone cave. Children love the adventure of being in the caverns as well as playing on the grounds. There is even a petting zoo! Cost is $14 for Adults, ages 12 and over, $12 for Seniors, ages 62 and over, $8 for Children, ages 3-11. Children, ages 2 and under are FREE There is a discount coupon that can be found here!

AACA Hershey Auto Museum: In 2013 they are celebrating their 10th Anniversary so Every Tuesday, beginning January 8th – December 31, 2013, the AACA Museum will provide two admissions for $10.   This is a 50% savings off regular admission price.   This special rate will be available for all ages from age 4 and up.   Children 3 and under are FREE.
*Special Event to mention: Matchbox Toy Show on Sep 22,2013 from 9AM – 3PM.  Admission to the Museum on this day will be just $5.00 per person for ages 4 and older, with children 3 and under FREE. This is a great chance for you to enjoy some miniature cars and full size cars on the same day at a terrific price!

Knoebles: Is a FREE parking and admission amusement park that you pay as you ride. So if you don’t go on any rides you don’t pay. That’s a nice feature for Grandparents who want to come along but don’t go on many rides.
*Knoebles also offers a Bargain Night which is a all day ride pass for just $10 on select Wednesdays and Fridays!
The park is shaded pretty well which is also nice. There are also little shows through out the park and day that don’t cost anything either. It is located outside Hershey in Elysburg, PA


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