Join the National Consumer Panel!

Have you ever heard of National Consumer Panel?  People like us help manufacturers and retailers make decisions on what products to develop or improve, by being part of the National Consumer Panel!

Ever wonder how a product becomes New and Improved? Its from people in this community, and you can sign up HERE to be part of it! And you get cash and prizes if selected to be part of the Panel!

You just have to fill out a survey to see if you qualify and if they need people in your area.  I am on the waiting list, but am excited to see if any of you qualify, let me know!

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  1. Karen Clark says:

    signed up a few weeks ago, just did my second survey, hoping to get picked.

  2. rachelle r says:

    i just got my scanner and sent in my first weekly transmission last week! i had read comments by others that they disliked it and thought it was too time consuming, but so far it seems pretty simple to me. i only shop a couple days a week and scan my items after each trip so i don’t end up having to do a bunch at one time.

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