Gone! Sony DVD Portable Player only $19.99!!

Wow! Amazon currently has this Sony 8-Inch Portable DVD Player, in Black only for $19.99 and $6.25 Shipping…which is an amazing price!!  Regular priced is $179.99! I have been looking for one of these, and just scored mine! HURRY If you want this one! YOU MUST CLICK ON BLACK TO GET IT!!

  • 8″ LCD Widescreen Monitor
  • High-Resolution (800 x 480 resolution)
  • 180 Swivel and Flip monitor
  • Up to 6 Hour of Battery Life
  • Dual Sensor for Remote Control
  • {thanks so much Save the Coupons!}

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    1. Looks like its gone already :(‘ or at least I can’t find it at that price.

    2. Wow…nevermind….I got it. THANK YOU for this great post!

    3. all gone :o(

    4. Cristina says:

      All gone.

    5. Bummer all gone, i needed one of these for vacation :(

    6. Did anyone else get an email from Amazon stating that their order was cancelled with no explanation as to why?? I guess this was too good to be true for me.

      • I didn’t…
        I will be so sad if it is!!!!!!!!!!
        I would call Amazon and find out what happened. Will let you know if I find anything out!

    7. I just got an email saying that my order was cancelled without any explanation too. Bummer.

    8. I emailed the retailer and they state that they do not sell the actual dvd players, only accessories. Which is opposite of what the comments on their page say. I’m gonna take this to Amazon. Super Lame!

    9. Here is the exact verbiage from their email …We do apologize that this black DVD player listing was a mistake on Amazon, and we are working with Amazon to correct this listing. Here at Bestpricecenter, we sell the accessories for electronic gadgets, but not the actual electronic gadgets.

      • I don’t get that at all! I am on the phone with Amazon, and they said it could be that the retailer ran out of stock so that is why the orders were cancelled. I don’t know. I am so annoyed by this!

    10. Well then they are lying if they told me that they don’t sell the players only accessories. Too fishy! Maybe they didnt want to honor the price they posted? Janel, let us know what Amazon says. I emailed them, but I’ll call them too.

      • They finally did say the orders could have been canceled due to a price mistake. Are you kidding me? Not FAIR! They did say to feel free to let my readers know they can contact them if they would want, but I am sure you will get the same answers as me. But feel free to let them know you are upset by this and think its not right. Unfortunately it wasn’t sold by Amazon, but through a third party seller, so Amazon has less to do with it. But still BOOOOOO! I am SO SORRY for all of this! Believe me you guys are not the only ones frustrated with this whole thing! Sorry Everyone!

        • Oh, and Lori over on my facebook page wrote this:
          I got the same answer too, and they also said to call bestpricecenter and complain. Their number is (909)680-5358. I got a machine and left a message..
          So feel free to complain to them as well!
          Again Sorry Guys!

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