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*HOT* Nintendo 3DS XL With Mario Kart 7 Just $159.99!

Hurry over and grab the Nintendo 3DS XL with Mario Kart 7 for just $159.99 with free shipping!

  • For 1 to 8 players
  • Includes blue/black Nintendo 3DS XL system, a pre-installed Mario Kart 7game pack and 4GB Secure Digital card
  • Feel the thrill of playing on a 90% larger screen than the Nintendo 3DS
  • Take handheld gaming to a whole new level with 3D visuals that can be viewed by the naked eye
  • Two screens give you the same versatile gameplay you’ve loved in other Nintendo DS handhelds
  • Top screen displays 3D visuals that feel like you’re peering through a window into a virtual world with true depth
  • Use the stylus to navigate on the bottom touch screen
  • Adjust the 3D effect from its highest level to a scaled-back level or turn it completely off with the 3D Depth Slider
  • Built-in camera offers personalized fun with pictures and more
  • StreetPass and SpotPass communication allow you to connect to friends, other players or wireless hotspots from your 3DS XL
  • 3DS XP is able to play all Nintendo DS games but DS games will not appear in 3D
  • Experience the fun of racing through Mushroom Kingdom in stunning 3D with all-new kart possibilities in Mario Kart 7
  • Soar through the skies when your kart deploys a wing to let it glide over a track shortcut, or plunge into the water and use your kart’s propeller to cruise across the sea floor
  • Customize your vehicle with accessories that give you the competitive edge, including giant tires for off-road races and small tires for city courses
  • Step into the driver’s seat as one of your favorite Mushroom Kingdom characters or as your Mii
  • Compete in local wireless matches, or go online for fierce matchups
  • 4GB Secure Digital card offers ample space for eShop downloads, photos and more

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