*HOT* Groupon Coming on Monday!

I am so excited and had to share this email with you! I got this email this afternoon and can’t wait until the deal comes to see what it is!

Okay, I can’t tell you who or what…but there is going to be a really good Groupon featured this coming Monday. It’s $20 for $40 at a popular brick and mortar store…offline redemption only. It’s NOT the Gap.  I can’t say anything else, but I’ll be buying and gifting a few myself, that’s for sure.

So are you excited to find out what the deal is? I am, because I am using these daily deal sites to buy for Christmas, and hope I can use this to help with that! You can also sign up for daily emails from Groupon for free, and be able to see this deal when it comes out Monday!

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  1. alyssa homan says:

    If you have a discover card go through shop discover and get 15 percent cash back!! Thats what I am going to do.

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