*HOT* Free Girls Dress from Gilt Group with FREE Shipping!

So this deal might seem a little complicated, but bear with me :) This is a legit way to score a FREE dress from Gilt Group and Gaggle of Chicks, I just ordered mine for a little girl’s birthday coming up!

Here’s how to score this good deal:

  1. Login or register on GiltCity.com
  2. Now you should see a box on the right hand side  that states refer 10 friends received $10. Click on it and email 10 friends to score a FREE $10 credit. Your friends don’t even have to sign up for you to get the $10 credit! You just have to send the email!
  3. Next head over to Gaggle of Chicks and click on the Gilt Group Picture to go back to the Gilt Site for the Gaggle of Chicks sale {By doing this getting FREE Shipping!}
  4. Combine the two promos to get $10 credit and free shipping!
  5. There are two girls dresses for only $8- snatch one up for free with the above steps! If you want any other items you can get them, but you will have to pay the difference!

See my order below to see how I just did this same deal! But I would Hurry as these will sell out!

Have any questions on how to score this good deal? Feel free to leave it in the comments or contact me! I never mind helping someone score a good deal, freebie, or coupon!

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  1. Sweet! Yes, it was worth the steps :) Yay! Thanks a bunch :)

  2. WOW! Thank you so much! I’ve jumped through much bigger hoops than that to get something free! AWESOME DEAL!

  3. Where is the Gilt Group Picture on gaggle of chicks website?

  4. I think the deal may be over, I didn’t see the Gilt Photo anymore on Gaggle of chicks. Sorry :(

  5. I could not find it either

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