*HOT* Cuddlee Pillow Pets Just $5.99!

I am so excited for this deal! My sons have been wanting these “pillow pets”, but I refused to pay $19.99 for each of them…now I don’t have too! I am grabbing them from Tanga for just $5.99 each! Plus $2.99 in shipping its still way cheaper!

Just go here to get yours!

I got the turtle and doggie…now I just have to wait until Christmas to give them. :)

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  1. Beware….I ordered these the last time I saw a “cheap” deal on them and they are not NEARLY as nice as the $19.99 true “Pillow Pets” that I see at Walgreens. They are much smaller and very cheaply made. I was disappointed.

  2. It says they are 15 inches. The large pillow pets are 18 inches and the small ones are 11. The small ones are usually around $10-$15, so even if these are smaller than the larger ones you see in stores, it is still bigger and cheaper than the smaller ones :)

  3. I agree with Stacey. I bought my kids the original pillow pets from the official website for $19.99 each. When they arrived I was VERY pleased. They are stuffed with quality and made with nice materials, very, very soft and cuddly. A few days later I saw Bed Bath and Beyond selling some by the same exact name and they were far inferior (thinner, smaller and not as soft by far). Just my two cents; not all pillow pets are created equal.

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