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Good Deal Mama’s Give Back Project!

piggyheart A New feature on Good Deal Mama is definitely brought on by Thanksgiving coming and the season of giving and being thankful upon us. But I have been wanting to start this feature for months now.  One of my husband’s and I favorite movies is Pay it Forward, if you have never seen it its about a young boy who comes up with the idea to help 3 people, and just have them “pay it forward” to 3 other people-and the list of people helped gets bigger and bigger and bigger.

I know I can’t help everyone in the world, but just like the The Starfish poem “To that one it made a difference”, I know helping even just one person can make a difference!

That is why I will be starting a Give Back List each week. Because me and you, Good Deal Mama Readers, can make a difference! And without even spending any money! I will be listing the items you can get for FREE each week at various stores, so you can stockpile these FREE items and donate them to those who need them! To you it may just be yet another tube of FREE toothpaste, but to someone its a tube of toothpaste that their budget wouldn’t allow them to buy this week!

I encourage you to get creative with the list each week, and your stockpile! You can not only donate these items, but turn them into necessary gift baskets for Christmas, Thanksgiving items for a family, or join forces with others and see what you can all do with the Good Deal Mama Give List! I bet you will be surprised by the items to see on it each week!

And yes this project is brought on by the Holidays but by no means are the needs of others over after the season. So this list will continue as long as I am producing Good Deal Mama!

Make sure to comment each week to let us know what you grabbed off the Good Deal Mama Give Back List or tell us your Pay it Forward story!

We can do this, we can make a difference! Are you with me?

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  1. Love Love Love this idea, thank you so much, i will be on the lookout for it each week, it would be great to get it in a email so that i am certain it dont miss it. Im happy to join forces with you to give back.

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